Incubator Universal

Double walled, inner chamber made of thick anodized aluminium or stainless steel and outer of mild steel, The gap of 75 mm between two walls is filled with glass wool for heat insulation. The door has double viewing to permit observation without opening. Heating elements are placed in ribs at the bottom and at sides. Built-in L-shape horizontal thermometer 0 to 110°C. for uniform heating. Temperature is controlled by a precision thermostat from 5° C above room temperature to 70°C, with sensitivity of ±1°C. Complete with 2 indicator lamps, Adjustable perforated shelves. Having arrangement to fit an automatic timer. Works on 220-240 V, 50 Hz. Supplied complete with 1.5 meter of 3-core cable.


Available Options

Cat. No.MaterialInner Size, mmNo. of ShelvesQuantity 
CH11177/1Aluminium300 x 300 x 3002
CH11177/2Aluminium350 x 350 x 3502
CH11177/3Aluminium450 x 450 x 4502
CH11177/4Aluminium450 x 600 x 4502
CH11177/5Aluminium600 x 600 x 6002
CH11177/6Aluminium600 x 900 x 4503
CH11177/7Aluminium600 x 900 x 6003
CH11178/1Stainless Steel300 x 300 x 3002
CH11178/2Stainless Steel350 x 350 x 3502
CH11178/3Stainless Steel450 x 450 x 4502
CH11178/4Stainless Steel450 x 600 x 4502
CH11178/5Stainless Steel600 x 600 x 6002
CH11178/6Stainless Steel600 x 900 x 4503
CH11178/7Stainless Steel600 x 900 x 6003