Liquid Handling

Liquid Handling refers to the category of instruments or devices used in laboratory for handling liquids. Liquid Handling Instrument is one of the most essential part of any laboratory. We use it for measuring, transferring and dispensing chemicals from one place to another in a laboratory. In Liquid Handling, we offer Micropipettes, High Precision Micropipettes, Pipette Filling Devices, and Bottle Top Dispensers. 

Our High Precision Micropipette series is designed for advance users in the field of microbiology, immunology, cell culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, and genetics etc. The Bottle Top Dispenser in this range is a unique combination of contemporary design, high chemical compatibility, high performance and competitive pricing. Pipette filling device is friendly, efficient, and reliable designed for comfort and ease to suit all types of liquid handling requirements in a laboratory.


Pipette Filling Device