Benchtop Equipment

Benchtop Equipment refers to the equipment or instrument used by students and scientist in laboratory to perform various experiments, gathering data and taking measurements. They are also known as laboratory equipment and scientific instrument. These lab equipment are ideal for using in educational laboratories, healthcare and industrial applications. Supertek is known for manufacturing highest quality lab equipment at affordable prices.

We offer a wide variety of Benchtop Equipment such as Autoclaves, Water Baths, Heating Mantles, Distillation Apparatus, Kjeldahl Unit, Magnetic Stirrers, Vortex Mixers, Hot Plates and Melting point Apparatus. All of our lab equipment are made from high-quality raw material and comes with fine finish structured powder coating.

Water Baths

Heating Mantles

Distillation Apparatus

Kjeldahl Unit

Magnetic Stirrer

Vortex Mixer

Melting Point Apparatus