Goggle Sanitizer

For Laboratory use, a high power 25W UV lamp lamp is used to kill germs on goggles. The cabinet is of heavy gauge steel for durability and has enamel finish. can sanitize up to 35 goggle at a time and is suitable for desk top or wall mounting. The sanitizer comes with safety feature that will prevent the UV light from operating unless the doors are closed and latched properly. The cabinet is also designed to prevents any leakage during of UV rays during operation and comes with a filtered pilot hole so that the user can check the operations while in use.
Size:26″ W x 29″ H x 10-3/20″

  • Accommodates upto 35 pairs of goggles.
  • UV bulb for sanitization.
  • Key Lock and 2 Safety Switches.
  • Pilot Hole.
  • μL approved Components.

All components used are μL approved.


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