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B15231Agaricus pileus t.s
B15232Agaricus young fruit(complete with stipe and pileus) v.s
B15233Agaricus stipe t.s
B15234Puccinia uredo sori v.s.
B15235Puccinia teleuto sori v.s.
B15236Puccinia acedia cup v.s.
B15237Puccinia pycnidia v.s.
B15238Puccinia aecidia and pycnidia v.s. on same slide
B15239Ustilago on host t.s. showing spores
B15240Uromysis v.s.
B15241Polyporus t.s.
B15242Polyporus l.s.
B15243Lycoperdon globe v.s.