Angiosperm Roots


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Cat. No.DescriptionQuantity 
B15421Allium root tips l.s. (showing mitotic divisions)
B15422Avecenia pneumatophore t.s.
B15423Beta root, storage type,t.s.
B15424Cuscuta, (Haustoria) root, with host, t.s.
B15425Cucurbita root t.s
B15426Dicot root, primary structure t.s.
B15427Dicot root, commencement of sec. growth, t.s.
B15428Ficus aerial root t.s.
B15429Ficus old root t.s
B15430Hydrilla root, hydrophytic, t.s.
B15431Ipomea root t.s.
B15432Legume root with nodules t.s.
B15433Maize root t.s.
B15434Monocot root t.s.
B15435Nymphaea root, typical hydrophyte t.s.
B15436Orchid root showing velamen t.s.
B15437Pandanus aerial root for lenticel t.s.
B15438Sunflower, (helianthus), young root t.s.
B15439Sunflower, (helianthus), old root t.s.
B15440Tinospora aerial root t.s.
B15441Ranunculus root t.s.