All Charts are made on PVC rexine, hand-drawn, waterproof, in fast multicolors with a black background. Each chart is provided with rollers to hang on wall. Size 75×100 cm.

1) Plant cell ultrastructure
2) Mitosis in plants
3) Meiosis in plants (1st & 2nd division shown in one chart)
4) Structure of chromosome during mitosis
5) Structure of chromosome during meiosis
6) Typical plant
7) Plant kingdom showing flowering & non-flowering plants
8) Flowering plants (A classification) Hydophytic plants
9) Non-flowering plants (A classification)
10) Xerophytic plants
11) Mesophytic plants
12) Epiphytic plants
13) Insectivorous plants
14) Fossil plants
15) Comparison of dicot & monocot plants