White Board Optics Set

A comprehensive set of equipment for performing ray optics and color mixing experiments using magnetic-backed components. The components can be used with a whiteboard (included) or any installed steel / magnetic board. The set includes one lightbox with a power adapter, three slits, one transparent color filter (set of 7), one opaque color filter (set of 7), one rectangular acrylic block, one semicircular acrylic block, one right angle block 90° x 45° x 45°, one right angle block 90° x 60° x 30°, one equilateral prism, four plastic coated ring magnets, one double convex block, one mirror strip, one double concave lens, one rectangular acrylic bar, one acrylic liquid container, two magic alphabet card, and one mirror holder. The size of the whiteboard supplied is approx. 580 x 390 mm.