Borosilicate Distillation Units

  • Borosilicate glass distillation units continue to be the most effective, economic method of producing ultra-pure water for laboratory use. By contrast deioniser are only effective in removing those substances which are ionized. Further the resins contribute organic impurities to water and an ideal environment for bacterial growth in course of time.
  • These distillation units are designed to produce a distillate of consistent purity. The unit consists of horizontal borosilicate boilers, condensers, and quartz heater. All parts are replaceable.
  • The newly developed quartz heater is advantageous than chromium plated heaters. Chromium plated heaters react with acids during cleaning process. Quartz heaters do not react with acids or water during cleaning or at elevated temperature unlike metallic ones. Quartz heaters are easy to assemble and dismantle, unlike metallic ones which are bulky.


  • Compact, simple to use.
  • Economical and ideal for colleges and general laboratory use.
  • Borosilicate boiler, borosilicate condenser and quartz heater
  • Powder coated stand for rust free operation.
  • Provision for easy cleaning of boiler
  • Input voltage: 220 V AC ± 10%, 50-60 Hz

Distillate Quality

  • Conductivity: < 3.0 μS/cm
  • Distilled Water Quality: Pyrogen Free



Available Options

Cat. No.Distilled Water Output, L/HrStageCooling Water Consumption, L/HrTotal Power Rating ,kWQuantity 
CH14031-20S2.0Single Stage501.5
CH14031-40S4.0Single Stage603.0
CH14031-20D2.0Double Stage1203.0
CH14031-40D4.0Double Stage1506.0