Water Bath, Serological (Seamless)

Double walled, inner chamber of stainless steel, outer made of stove enamelled mild steel, with insulation in between, Thermostatic temperature control from 5°C above room temperature to 95°C with accuracy ±0.5°C. Bath has a stainless steel cover, perforated and removable shelves, drain plug, two indicator lights, thermostat control knob , heater with automatic cut-out. Supplied without racks. Works on 220V AC / 50 Hz.


Available Options

Cat. No.Inner Chamber Size, mmCapacity, Ltr.Quantity 
CH10124A/1300 x 250 x 175 (for 2 racks)14
CH10124A/2325 x 300 x 175 (for 4 racks)17
CH10124A/3450 x 300 x 175 (for 6 racks)23