Vibration Generator

To produce mechanical vibrations when used with a signal generator. The input is fed to a coil, which is mounted within the field of a cylindrical permanent magnet. The unit is mounted on a strong base and is enclosed in a plastic case. The coil and magnet assembly are protected from the entry of foreign particles. A threaded extension of the armature allows attachment of the item to be vibrated, e.g., plates for chladni’s figure experiments. A specially designed coil system enables the unit to be operated at its maximum rating for a prolonged period without any damage due to overheating. Electrical input via a pair of 4mm shielded sockets and oscillating mechanical output is available through a shaft at the top. A locking arrangement provides safety to the apparatus during storage or transportation by blocking the motion of shaft. The unit is electrically secured by means of a fuse. Avoid long periods of sustained rapid vibration and keep dry as moisture will damage the mechanism.