Supertek Electricity Kits, Primary

Primary Electricity Kits are designed to teach students the basic concepts for electricity. The various individual components are mounted on stable, robust plastic bases. Each component is with two 4mm diameter sockets.

Students can perform a variety of experiments by connecting these individual components in a circuit via 4mm stackable connecting leads. Kit A is for a group of 6 students, while Kit B contains additional components that can be issued by teacher as required. Only one Kit B is sufficient for a class of 30 students. Includes instruction manual.


Available Options

Cat. No.DescriptionQuantity 
PH50805/1Supertek Electricity Kit I, Primary: The kit contains Cell Holder (6 Nos, without Cells), Bulb Holder, MES, Mounted on Base (6 Nos), Bulbs, MES (6 Nos), Push Key (3 Nos), 2-Way Switch (3 Nos), Connecting Lead, 4mm, Red (9 Nos) Connecting Lead, 4mm, Black (9 Nos)
PH50805/2Supertek Electricity Kit II, Primary: The kit consists of Variable Resistance (4 Nos), Motor, Mounted on Base (3 Nos), Buzzer, Mounted on Base (3 Nos), Universal Clips (4 Nos), Electrode Holder (2 Nos), Bulbs, MES (20 Nos), Crocodile Clips (8 Nos), Carbon Rods (6 Nos), Soft Iron Rod (6 Nos), Silicon Diode (3 Nos), Resistance, Fixed (3 Nos), Insulated Copper Wire (1 Reel).