Single Stage Quartz Distillation Unit

Key Features:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Compact and easy to Install.
  • Distillate is pyrogen free; also it is free from heavy metals.
  • Switch on time is less than minute providing distilled water instantly.
  • Replaceable clamps are provided for better adjustment and alignment of the boiler and condenser.

Distillate Quality
Conductivity 1.0 – 1.5 µS/cm with Borosilicate Condenser
0.5 – 0.8 µS/cm with Quartz Condenser
Distilled Water Quality Pyrogen Free
Distillate Temperature 25-45ºC

*Indicates 3 Phase


Available Options

Cat. No.Condenser MaterialOutput Cap Approx.Total Power RatingCooling water Consumption (Approx)Quantity 
CH14042-25BBorosilicate2.5 ltr/hr2 Kw40 ltr/hr
CH14042-25QQuartz2.5 ltr/hr2 Kw40 ltr/hr
CH14042-50BBorosilicate5.0 ltr/hr4.4 Kw65 ltr/hr
CH14042-50QQuartz5.0 ltr/hr4.4 Kw65 ltr/hr
CH14042-80BBorosilicate8.0 ltr/hr6 Kw90 ltr/hr
CH14042-80QQuartz8.0 ltr/hr6 Kw90 ltr/hr
CH14042-100BBorosilicate10.0 ltr/hr9* Kw120 ltr/hr
CH14042-100QQuartz10.0 ltr/hr9* Kw120 ltr/hr