Ripple Tank

Transparent acrylic plastic ripple tank, supported in a sturdy plastic frame which has recesses to hold four legs with leveling feet. The tank edges are shaped to minimise undesired reflections. Tank has a drain hole closed by a rubber stopper. With two light alloy uprights to carry a horizontal rippler support rod which is adjustable for height. The ripple assembly, elastically suspended from the support rod, consists of a 4 – 6 V DC motor mounted on a wooden beam. The motor has an eccentric weight which causes the beam to oscillate. Two-point sources are provided by two plastic spheres, each mounted on a right-angle rod. A metal rod is fixed centrally into a socket in one short side of the frame to afford support to the illuminant. Overall size of the tank 580 x 500 x 80 mm, window area 370 x 280 mm, height of tank above bench level (with legs attached) approx. 375 mm. Complete with following accessories:-

  • Two straight obstacles of aluminium alloy length 130 mm.
  • One straight obstacle length 40 mm.
  • One curved reflector radius 200 mm.
  • One trapezoidal plastic plate for refraction.
  • One wood hand wave roller.
  • One water dropper.
  • One pkt. rubber bands.
  • One foam plastic sponge.
  • One illuminant with a 12 V, 24 W lamp mounted in a lamp house and provided with a long supporting rod which can be attached to a retort stand. With instructions. Without power supply