Resistance Box, Plug Pattern

All plugs are turned to a fine standard taper and are interchangeable. These are moulded in fluted plastic tops. The brass blocks are undercut and are fitted to a thick insulating plate. Heavy 4 mm brass terminals are used. Coils are non-inductively wound and are treated to be strain-free. Coil values are engraved on the plate and an infinity plug is also included. Accuracy ±0.5% for 0.01 to 0.05 ohm coils, ±1% for the rest.


Available Options

Cat. No.DescriptionQuantity 
PH50560/10.01 to 0.1 ohm, Total 0.2 ohm
PH50560/20.1 to 1 ohm, Total 2 ohm
PH50560/30.1 to 5 ohm, Total 11 ohm
PH50560/40.1 to 10 ohm, Total 21 ohm
PH50560/50.1 to 50 ohm, Total 111 ohm
PH50560/60.1 to 100 ohm, Total 211 ohm
PH50560/70.1 to 500 ohm, Total 1111 ohm
PH50560/81 to 10 ohm, Total 20 ohm
PH50560/91 to 50 ohm, Total 110 ohm
PH50561/41 to 100 ohm, Total 210 ohm
PH50561/51 to 500 ohm, Total 1110 ohm
PH50561/61 to 1000 ohm, Total 2110 ohm
PH50561/71 to 5000 ohm, Total 11110 ohm