Regulated DC Power Supply

A regulated DC power supply unit provides a continuously variable DC output voltage with excellent load and line regulation. The voltage output is displayed on an analog/digital meter. Internal protection is provided by a slow blow fuse at the input and overload protection at the output. The power supply operates on 220 V (±10 %), 50 / 60 Hz input.

Please mention ‘A’ for analog and ‘D’ for the digital meter at the end of part no. to specify the display required.


Available Options

Cat. No.Output VoltsOutput CurrentDisplayQuantity 
PH61022/10 - 15 V DC1AAnalog
PH61022/20 - 15 V DC2AAnalog
PH61022/50 - 15 V DC5AAnalog
PH61022D/10 - 15 V DC1ADigital
PH61022D/20 - 15 V DC2ADigital
PH61022D/50 - 15 V DC5ADigital
PH61022D/20DC - 0-15V200 mADigital
PH61024/10 - 30 V DC1AAnalog
PH61024/20 - 30 V DC2AAnalog
PH61024/50 - 30 V DC5AAnalog
PH61024D/10 - 30 V DC1ADigital
PH61024D/20 - 30 V DC2ADigital
PH61024D/50 - 30 V DC5ADigital