Pulse Width Modulation and Demodulation

This Instrument is designed to demonstrate the method to transmit signals via. Electromagnetic transmission and to study the Pulse Width Modulation and Demodulation. The whole instrument is placed in the plastic moulded box and 2 mm banana plug leads are provided for modulation and demodulation connections.

Technical Specification:-

  • Built-in IC-based DC Regulated Power supply ±12 V, +5 V.
  • Four-level Built carrier pulse Output.
  • Frequency Range: 8 KHz, 16 KHz, 32 KHz, 64 KHz Amplitude: 5 Vpp approx.
  • Built-in sine wave Audio Frequency Function Generator for modulating signal.
    Frequency Range: 1 KHz and 2 KHz selectable with a toggle switch.
    Amplitude : 0-10 Vpp and 0-4 Vpp approx.
  • The circuit Diagram for Modulation and Demodulation is printed on the milky white top panel.