Power Supply, Continously Variable, 25V

The power supply provides continuously variable AC and DC outputs. A meter is provided to indicate both AC and DC voltages. An internal fuse is provided at input and a resettable cut-out for output.
Mains input: 220V (±10 %), 50/60 Hz.
Output Voltage: 0 to 25VAC and wave rectified DC
Output Current (Max.): 10 A for AC, 8 A for DC
Voltage Selection: Voltage is controlled by a large rotating knob on front panel.
Display Meter: Analog meter for AC and DC voltages. Selector switch to select between AC and DC.
Circuit Protection: Mains input 3 A internal glass fuse link. Output is protected by a resettable cut-out.
Output Terminals: Colour coded 4 mm sockets.