Pathological Microscope, Model 20208

This is a standardized microscope for medical institutions and pathological laboratories.

General Features

  • Pressure die-cast parts to ensure strength and uniformity.
  • Well, proportioned stable, rigid and vertical body inclinable through 90°.
  • Mechanical tube length 160 mm.
  • Separate knobs for coarse and fine focusing. Coarse knobs are with tension adjustment arrangement.
  • Fine motion knob is graduated to read to 0.002 mm.
  • Triple revolving nose-piece with international standard threads, with click stops ensuring correct centering.
  • High-grade achromatic objectives and Huygenian eye-pieces for sharp and aberration-free images.
  • Safety stopper to prevent damage to slides and objectives.
  • Fixed square stage of 110×110 mm, fitted with detachable graduated mechanical stage.
  • Sub-stage plano concave daylight mirror reflector in metal mount, replaceable by an electrical illuminator.
  • A sub-stage iris diaphragm with Abbe condenser N.A.1.2 which moves up and down with rack and pinion motion.
  • Smooth black or scratch-resistant grey epoxy finish.
  • Dust cover and cleaning cloth.
  • Packed in moulded styrofoam box or wooden cabinet with lock and key.
  • Fitted with detachable graduated mechanical stage.

Eye Pieces: Huygenian x5, x10, x15 (any two)
Objectives: Achromatic x10, x40 (spring loaded) and x100 (spring loaded) oil immersion