Pasteur Pipette LDPE

LDPE Pasteur pipette consist of a long, slender tube and a moulded bulb which can be gently compressed and relaxed to remove or dispense desired liquid. Pasteur pipettes are manufactured under controlled environment and complies US FDA 21CFR.

  • Unbreakable, non-toxic all-in-one pipettes eliminate the hazard of broken glass and exposure to infectious materials.
  • Made from LDPE – Remain inert to Biological Fluids & Most Acids.
  • Uniform Wall Thickness – Ensures consistent performance.
  • Permanent Graduations (0.2/0.5) – Fast & Accurate sampling or transfers.
  • Economical & Convenient – for a wide range of laboratory & water testing applications.
  • The low-affinity, low-binding surface reduces the loss of cells and valuable proteins.

Available Options

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