Optical Set For Ray Track Apparatus

Comprises a white-painted wooden board mounted on nonskid plastic feet, and a removable turntable about 170 mm in diameter. Two orthogonal lines along the turntable’s diameter divide it into four equal quadrants. Just beyond the rim of the turntable, a circular scale graduated 90 – 0 – 90 – 0 – 90 °, with 1° subdivision. Also includes a ray box with a 12V 24W bulb. Supplied complete with a cylindrical convex lens with focal length approx. 75 mm and a plastic plate having single and triple slits. An optical set is available separately, comprising of one each of rectangular, semi-circular, right-angled triangular – 90 ° 45 ° 45° trapezoidal, biconvex and biconcave prisms.