Micro-Ammeter, Moving Coil

For D.C. measurements, any single range, 0-50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500, A. The ranges covered are 0-100 uA to 0-500 uA.

For D.C. use only, with a permanent magnet, spring-controlled movement, jeweled bearings, hard polished pivots, and knife edge pointer. Each meter is mounted on a plastic/acrylic stand with color-coded terminals.


Available Options

Cat. No.ModelDescriptionQuantity 
PH63009EDM-80Scale Length approx. 60 mm with anti-parallax mirror scale, dial size 72 x 72 mm with color-coded terminals. Overall size approx. 90 x 110 x 125 mm. Accuracy: +2% FSD