Mechanics Tracks

Supertek Mechanics Tracks comprises a collection of metal tracks used to demonstrate and learn about the motion and momentum. It helps in order to study the kinetic and potential energy during the motion of rolling bodies.

Key features:

  • Sturdy and well-finished material quality.
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • Precise design.
  • Good stability.
  • Multi-activity tracks.

Available Options

Cat. No.TypeQuantity 
PH10579N/1Planes With Different Inclinations This track is modeled after the famous Brachistochrone problem. Using this track, you can Test whether the path of the shortest length is the path of the quickest descent.
PH10579N/2Galileo's Inclined Plane Useful to study and verify the Newton's first law with the help of Galileo's inclined plane. Four type of different inclination angle's tracks to easily understand about the phenomenon behind the Newton's first law. Conservation of energy. Newton’s first law of motion. Understand inertia of motion.
PH10579N/3Path of A Pendulum Each track represents the path taken by the bob of a simple pendulum of different lengths. Using this set, you can Test whether the time period of a simple pendulum depends on its length, mass and amplitude.
PH10579N/4Identical Track Race This set consists of two tracks of identical paths.Each path represents the arc of a circle. Using this track, you can How the height of the ball is independent of its time of descent.
PH10579N/5Fastest Path Tracks (High/Low Road) Each track in this set consists of different path lengths sloping differently.You can use this track to Find the path of the shortest time. Understand the significance of momentum by performing collision. experiments using balls of different masses.
PH10579N/6Loop The Loop This is the famous loop the loop. With this, you can Test whether a minimum height is required for the ball to loop the loop. Test whether the minimum height depends on the mass of the ball.