Linear Air Track

Square section aluminium alloy track, length 1.5 m, with staggered holes, supported on two light alloy castings. One support has a two-point contact and other one-point contact for lateral and horizontal adjustments by means of a knurled screw. Identical end caps enable air to be introduced from either end of the track keeping the other end closed.

Linear Air Track Accessories Consisting of
2 Large vehicles (length 180 mm).
1 Small vehicle (length 140 mm).
2 Magnetic buffers (25 mm dia.).
2 Plasticine Holders (20 mm dia.) with central hole.
4 Catapults (45 mm wide) with slots for elastic band.
1 Reel of nylon thread.
2 White rods (4 mm dia. 150 mm long).
24 Needles.
20 Plain cards.
1 Reel rubber strand.
1 Pack of plasticine.
20 Elastic bands.
2 Needles with holder.
1 Instruction manual.