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Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer is used for simultaneous heating and stirring of solutions. Two control knobs on the front panel allow you to set heat output and stirring speed independently. These are equipped with powerful heating elements providing very quick heating of the samples.The integrated
circuit allows user to precisely control the temperature and speed.Includes Teflon coated stirrer bar, support rods and clamps.


Product # Max capacity Top plate Input voltage Quantity Add To Enquiry
CH12395B/1A 500ml Aluminium 110V, 60Hz
CH12395B/2A 500ml Aluminium 220V, 50Hz
CH12395B/1C 500ml Ceramic Coated 110V, 60Hz
CH12395B/2C 500ml Ceramic Coated 220V, 50Hz
CH12395H/1A 5l Aluminium 110V, 60Hz
CH12395H/2A 5l Aluminium 220V, 50Hz
CH12395H/1C 5l Ceramic Coated 110V, 60Hz
CH12395H/2C 5l Ceramic Coated 220V, 50Hz
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Max. Capacity

500ml, 5l

Top Plate

Aluminium, Ceramic Coated

Input Voltage

110V, 60Hz, 220V, 50Hz