Geiger Muller Counter

Supertek’s Geiger muller counter immediately detects particles emitted by radioactive source, most commonly beta and gamma ray particles. The number of clicks heard over a period of time represents relative rate of decay for the radioactive source being sampled.



  • γRay – 20 to 120 mR/h
  • βRay – 100 to 1800 mR/h

GM Tube:

  • Diameter: Ø10 mm
  • Total length: 90 mm

Product Features:

  • Digital display.
  • Continuous operation of up to 20 hours.
  • Tare function to set the initial zero values.
  • Portable and ergonomic hand-held design.
  • For use in schools and other educational institutions.
  • Includes rechargeable battery along with charger.
  • Transparent cover to protect GM tube from breakage.
  • Instantaneous and cumulative values are displayed simultaneously.