Fiber Optics Communication Set

Objective: To construct an optical transmitter and transmission the signal through a Fiber Optics Cable. To construct an Optical Receiver and study the Attenuation of Signal when transmitted from Transmitter to the Receiver end. Analog and Digital links can also be studied as this unit is complete with Sine and Square Waves. Bending losses can also be studied.

Features: The instrument comprises of Microphone Preamplifier stages consisting of MIC (Microphone), Preamplifier, and Amplifier (Voice is converted to an electrical signal and then amplified) and fed to an LED (Transmitter) and then through a fiber cable, the signal is sent to Photodetector (Transistor) and again amplifier and output are sent to Speaker Unit. A power supply of +6 VDC is used in Amplifier ckt. 2 No. Fiber Optics cables are provided (one of them is 50 cm long and the other is 100 cm long). One more fiber cable of 50mm length having a connector at one end is also provided. Connectors at both ends of the fiber cable are provided for insertion in sockets provided on the front panel. Bending losses can also be studied in long wires.

Standard: MIC with a 2-meter long lead and a Speaker 4″, 4 ohms are mounted in a vertical box.

Accuracy: with 1 meter-long connecting leads. 2 No. Fiber optic cables having lengths of 50 cm and 100 cm are provided.

Optional: Digital multimeter (3 1/2 Digit, Big size Display) This model also includes a Digital Multimeter and wooden frame for measurement of Numerical aperture i.e. complete in all respect including the facility for the measurement of numerical aperture.