Dials, Interchangeable

For use with demonstration meter. Each dial comprises a plastic panel with a sealed moulded capsule on one side containing appropriate shunts or voltage multipliers.


Available Options

Cat. No.RangeQuantity 
PH642260-300 V DC
PH642015-0-5 mA DC
PH6420210-0-10 mA DC
PH642030-10 mA DC
PH642040-50 mA DC
PH642050-100 mA DC
PH642060-500 mA DC
PH642070-1 A DC
PH642080-5 A DC
PH642090-10 A DC
PH6422050-0-50 mV DC
PH642215-0-5 V DC
PH642220-1 V DC
PH642230-5 V DC
PH642240-10 V DC
PH642250-15 V DC
PH642300-10 mA AC
PH642310-50 mA AC
PH642320-100 mA AC
PH642330-500 mA AC
PH642340-1 A AC
PH642350-5 A AC
PH642360-10 A AC
PH642400-5 V AC
PH642410-10 V AC
PH642420-15 V AC
PH642430-50 V AC
PH642440-300 V AC