Demonstration Transformer Set, Advanced

The classic demonstration transformer apparatus is added with some additional safety features. Rather than the traditional mains (220-230V AC) coil we have designed a dedicated Demonstration Transformer Power Supply with fixed (25V AC) voltage and high current output to which 100-turn or 150-turn mains coil substitutes connect. The advantage is that no lethal mains voltage is involved, instead the voltages to these mains coil replacements is 25V AC and so safe. Additional AC and DC outputs are provided up to 4V for other experiments.


  • U and I Core Set
  • 100 and 150 Turns Mains Coil Substitute for use with power supply ((PH50172AC/3)
  • 300, 600, 600-0-600, 900, 1800 turns coils.

Additional Items Required but Not Included:

  • Induction Accessory Set (PH50172AC/1)
  • Motor Accessory Set (PH50172AC/2)
  • Demonstration Transformer Power Supply (PH50172AC/3)
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