Supertek Electricity Kit, Basic

This economical kit consists of various components, which help students explore many electrical and electronic concepts. Supplied with instruction manual.

Kit consists of Cell Holder (12), Bulb Holder, MES, Mounted on Base (20), Push Key (8), Two Way Switch (4), Universal Clip (4), Electrode Holder (4), Variable Resistance (4), Bulbs, MES (40), Connecting Lead, 4mm, 10cm, Red (12), Connecting Lead, 4mm, 10cm, Black (12), Connecting Lead, 4mm, 25cm, Red (4), Connecting Lead, 4mm, 25cm, Black (4), Crocodile Clips (8), Carbon Rod (12), Soft Iron Rod (8), Silicon Diode (4), Resistance, Fixed (4), Copper Foil Sheet, 150×150mm (1), Copper Wire, Bare, 20SWG (1 Reel), Copper Wire, Insulated, 50m (1 Reel), Eureka Wire, 34SWG (50gm), Steel Wool (1 Pack).