Advanced Power Supply

Advanced power supply is specially designed for scientific research and product development in laboratories, universities, colleges and electronic production lines. This instrument is widely used due to its high precision, reliable performance and overload protection circuit. This power supply provides a continuously variable, regulated DC voltage with excellent load and line regulation. The power supplies work in both constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) mode. Dual displays help continuously monitor both output voltage and current. Outputs are provided with overload and short circuit protection. Power supply operates on 220V (±10 %), 50/60Hz input.

Please mention ‘A’ for analog and ‘D’ for digital meter at the end of part no. to specify the display required.


Available Options

Cat. No.Output VoltsOutput CurrentDisplaysQuantity 
PH61035/10 - 30 V DC0 - 1 AAnalog
PH61035/20 - 30 V DC0 - 2 AAnalog
PH61035/50 - 30 V DC0 - 5 AAnalog
PH61035D/10 - 30 V DC0 - 1 ADigital
PH61035D/20 - 30 V DC0 - 2 ADigital
PH61035D/50 - 30 V DC0 - 5 ADigital
PH61035D/70 - 30 V DC0 - 7 ADigital