AC/DC Power Supply

Provides AC and diode rectified DC output voltage at rated current. Voltages are controlled by a rotary switch on the front panel. Both AC and DC outputs may be used simultaneously, provided the combined output current does not exceed the rated current. Outputs are provided with overload and short circuit protection. The power supply operates on 220V (±10%), 50/60 Hz input.


Available Options

Cat. No.Output Voltsoutput-currentQuantity 
PH61019/11-12 V AC / DC Step-1 V1 Amp
PH61019/31-12 V AC / DC Step-1 V2 Amp
PH61019/71-12 V AC / DC Step-1 V5 Amp
PH61021/12-12 V AC / DC Step-2 V1 Amp
PH61021/32-12 V AC / DC Step-2 V2 Amp
PH61021/72-12 V AC / DC Step-2 V5 Amp
Output Volts

1-12 V AC / DC Step-1 V, 2-12 V AC / DC Step-2 V


0, 1 Amp, 2 Amp, 5 Amp