Why should you be very careful while buying laboratory glassware?

Laboratory Glassware & Essentials are the most important part of any laboratory. It could be so tricky to find out the right choice of glassware for your laboratory. These are the following parameters you should consider while selecting laboratory glassware.

Choose the Right Product

The laboratory glassware and essentials contain a wide range of products so choosing the one you need can be a difficult task. In this case, the most important parameter to consider is that the product must serve its purpose. Before proceeding further you should make a list of your requirements and experiments you want to perform with the glassware. Once you will understand the purpose of your product then it becomes easier to select the right product. The art of choosing the right product can be understood by taking the example of Titration, It is the basic experiment of chemistry which you may have studied during your school days. For performing titration we need a burette, burette stand, burette clamp, flasks, pipettes, pH paper, Universal Indicator, and chemical solution. Once you have all the required material you are able to perform your experiment in no time.

Check Technical Specifications

A comprehensive evaluation is recommended before purchasing any particular laboratory glassware or essential. This refers to technical features and specifications. Technical parameters such as temperature and pressure resistance, freezing & melting points, glassware size, and material strength, and other required specifications according to the product should be considered. To better understand this, let’s consider the hotplate example. If you are working with a hotplate, you need a beaker that can withstand high temperatures as the hotplate has a maximum surface temperature up to 350°C. Similarly, if you are working with a heating mantle, you will need a round bottom flask, it should have uniform thickness and can operate at a high temperature.

Accuracy & Calibration

Accurate and rapid results are highly dependent on the laboratory glassware used. The ultimate goal of glassware is to deliver quick results for distinct operations. The higher accuracy results in accurate readings and you are aware of how important readings are in a laboratory. Accurate readings are essential because unidentified errors and inaccurate measurements can lead to widespread consequences and incorrect results from the observations. The glassware should be calibrated to ensure that there should be a calibration certificate attached to it. The calibrated laboratory glassware tends to have higher accuracy than the uncalibrated ones.

Brand, Design & Quality

The brand and quality of lab glassware & essentials are second to none. The best way to ensure this is to research multiple brands and products. You can get an idea by looking at the range of laboratory glassware available on the market. Consider the brands that are well-known to ensure quality. The physical aspect and compatible design are other important conditions for various lab glassware. Therefore the design must be top notch and the quality must be the best, when it comes to the best quality then nothing could beat the Supertek laboratory glassware & essentials range. We offer uniform thickness, adaptive design, and coherent printing on glassware. Due to our premium quality and competitive prices, we are currently serving in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Cost Effective

Last but not least cost matters the most, you should always opt for a product that is economical and offers the best quality. To sort out the best option you need to compare the price of the same product offered by the different suppliers. A brand like Supertek that gives exclusive discounts should not be overlooked. We can get your hands on high-quality Laboratory Glassware & Essentials and you can have your quotes ready by sending your inquiries to info@shivsons.com.