Test Tube Stand 3-Tier

3-tier design provide clear view of the tube contents and convenient insertions and removal of tubes. These autoclavable racks can withstand sub-freezing temperatures.
Material: Polypropylene.


Available Options

Cat. No.SizeQuantity 
CH12765/113mm x 31 tubes
CH12765/216mm x 31 tubes
CH12765/320mm x 20 tubes
CH12765/425mm x 12 tubes
CH12765/525mm x 18 tubes
CH12765/632mm x 12 tubes
CH12765/825mm x 36 tubes
CH12765/913mm x 18 tubes
CH12765/1015mm x 18 tubes
CH12765/1218mm x 12 tubes
CH12765/1313mm x 62 tubes
CH12765/1416mm x 62 tubes
CH12765/1520mm x 40 tubes
CH12765/1713mm x 48 tubes
CH12765/1913mm x 72 tubes