Spares for Glass Filter Holder with Silicon Stopper


Available Options

Cat. No.SpecificationDescriptionQuantity 
18.144.0125-115mlFunnel for 25mm filter holder
18.144.0125-225mmClamp for 25mm filter holder
18.144.0125-325mmFritted glass base with stopper for 25mm filter holder
18.144.0125-4125mlFlask for 25mm filter holder
18.144.1000-1300mlFunnel for 47mm filter holder
18.144.1000-247mmClamp for 47mm fillter holder
18.144.1000-347mmFritted glass base with stopper for 47mm filter holder
18.144.1000-41000mlFlask for 47mm filter holder
18.144.2000-12000mlFlask for 47mm filter holder