Size of Particle Experiment


  • To measure the width/thickness of the given samples by analyzing the diffraction pattern.


The characteristics of light such as interference and diffraction can be understood when light is studied as a wave phenomenon. Interaction of waves with matter results in either transmission, reflection, absorption, or diffraction of the wave. When the size of the matter is comparable to the wavelength of the wave that it interacts with, a phenomenon called diffraction occurs. Diffraction of light due to particles is a function of the size of the particle and the wavelength of the light incident. It is possible to measure the size of a particle by studying the diffraction patterns created by it.


  • Easy Adjustable Laser: The multiple degrees of freedom on the laser mount helps in the effortless movement of the laser source. This helps in aligning the laser source with the sample quite easily.
  • Laser Range Finder: The addition of a laser range finder allows the user to use any standard wall as a screen, increasing the distance between the screen and the sample. Thus, the diffraction pattern can be seen distinctly and thus increasing the accuracy of the readings.
  • Multiple Samples can be Tested and Verified: The modular setup helps in measuring the diameters of different samples and other everyday objects as well.


  • OB1 Optical Bench Set 0.8m 1
  • HA003 Laser Source Holder 1
  • HA008 Grating Holder 1
  • HA024 Screen Holder 1
  • AC010 Laser Distance Meter 1
  • AC018 Diffraction Grating 1
  • AC012 Frame With Thread Type 1 1
  • AC014 Frame With Thread Type 2 1
  • AC016 Frame With Thread Type 3 1

Complete Equipment Set with Instruction Manual from catalogue.