Separating Funnel Globe Shape Plain with Polythene Stopper

  • Conformity to DIN ISO 4800 Standard. Printed in white color.
  • Made of Borosilicate 3.3 glass.
  • Globe shape.
  • Generally used in the separation phase.

Available Options

Cat. No.Stopcock TypeCapacity, mlNeck SizePack SizeQuantity 
15.421.0050Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread5019/262
15.421.0100Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread10019/262
15.421.0250Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread25029/322
15.421.0500Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread50029/322
15.421.1000Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread100029/322
15.421.2000Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread200029/321
15.423.0050PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflo)5019/262
15.423.0100PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflo)10019/262
15.423.0250PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflo)25029/322
15.423.0500PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflo)50029/322
15.423.1000PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflo)100029/321
15.423.2000PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflo)200029/321
15.425.0050PTFE Key Stopcock5019/262
15.425.0100PTFE Key Stopcock10019/262
15.425.0250PTFE Key Stopcock25029/322
15.425.0500PTFE Key Stopcock50029/322
15.425.1000PTFE Key Stopcock100029/321
15.425.2000PTFE Key Stopcock200029/321