Consists of a permanent block of crystal clear acrylic resin containing a plant specimen. The mounts are permanent and permit object viewing from all six sides. These can be readily and safely handled by students and can be easily stored and displayed.


Available Options

Cat. No.DescriptionQuantity 
B16751Fern Fertile leaf
B16752Different types of Fern Fertile leaf
B16753Fern Prothalus with young sporophyte
B16754Fern Life Cycle
B16755Equisetum Fertile Shoot
B16756Equisetum Prothallus with Sporophyte
B16757Lycopodium Fertile Shoot
B16758Selaginella Fertile Shoot
B16759Marselia Fertile Plant
B16761Ophioglossum Fertile Plant
B16762Isoetes Plant
B16763Psilotum with sporangium twig
B16765Collection of Pteridophyta, set of 4