All Charts are made on PVC rexine, hand-drawn, waterproof, in fast multicolors with a black background. Each chart is provided with rollers to hang on wall. Size 75×100 cm.

1) Scoliodon External Character
2) Scoliodon General Viscera
3) Scoliodon Digestive System
4) Scoliodon Brain, different views
5) Scoliodon Skeleton
6) Scoliodon Skull
7) Scoliodon Male Urinogenital system
8) Scoliodon Female Urinogenital system
9) Scoliodon Venous system
10) Scoliodon Cranial Nervous system
11) Scoliodon Receptor organs
12) Labeo Rohita External character
13) Labeo Rohita Axial Skeleton
14) Labeo Rohita Skull
15) Amphioxus External character
16) Amphioxus General anatomy
17) Amphioxus T.S. through different regions
18) Amphioxus Development
19) Amphioxus Excretory system