High Alumina Pestle


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Made of 99.7% -pure aluminum oxide. Hardness greater than agate. Impervious to liquids under vacuum. Highly resistant to corrosion by chemicals. Hardness 83 on Rockwell 45N scale. Given minimum sample contamination.


Cat. No.Pestle Length, mmFor MortarQuantity 
CH11618/1(American Design), ASTM 38CH11616/1
CH11618/2(American Design), ASTM 57CH11616/3, CH11617/1
CH11618/3(American Design), ASTM 65CH11616/5
CH11618/4(American Design), ASTM 74CH11616/7, CH11617/3
CH11618/5(American Design), ASTM 100CH11616/9, CH11617/5
CH11618/6(American Design), ASTM 125CH11617/7
CH11618/7(American Design), ASTM 150CH11617/9