Overhead Projector Model SP-1

The projector is built around a 250 x 250 mm aperture Fresnel lens, mounted on a sturdy metal body. The tilting projection head is carried on a square section column and is provided with rack and pinion arrangement for focussing. With a projection lens of f-254 mm providing a projection distance is 1-3 meters. With a 240V-60W projection lamp, having an electronic control to adjust light intensity and also to interlock with the one-off switch to protect against any voltage surge while switching on. An efficient blower cooling system keeps the transparency stage cool. The top cover is designed to open only after disconnecting power supply, thus ensuring safety against electric shock. The Parts are detachable for folding.Dimensions 305 x 305 x 285 mm. Complete with cellophone roll attachment, writing pack, vinyl cover etc.