Optics Kit 2, Lenses, Curved Mirrors, Magnification


A series of three kits.
Kit 2 allows you to use your lens in different ways, like reflecting light and bending it.

What will you be learning?

  • Investigate the difference between regular and diffused reflection.
  • Understanding the need of regular and spectacular reflection.
  • Understanding the laws of reflection.
  • Understanding Multiple Reflection.
  • Building a kaleidoscope.
  • Drawing Ray diagrams.
  • Investigate the characteristics of an image formed in a plane mirror.
  • Investigate the refraction when light travels through different mediums.
  • Visualise the formation of total internal reflection.
  • Explore the characteristics of a Prism.
  • Suitable for kids between Age of 7-15 Years.
  • D.I.Y. Kits to provide Early Hands-on experience.
  • An extensive Instruction Manual is provided with the kit.