Optical Bench

A versatile and modular system that can be utilized across many experiments. The optical bench has three core parts: Rail, Mounts and Uprights.All the core parts have been designed in such a way that they are suitable for multiple types of experiments.


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OB1 0.8m Rail x1, Mounts x2, Uprights x4
OB2 0.4m Rail x1, Mounts x2, Uprights x4


  • Excellent stability and easy set-up of optical bench – Mounts can be fixed to the rail by just aligning and sliding in two screws into the rail and fastened. The uprights can be placed and fastened at any desired position with ease
  • Height adjustable mounts – The optical bench is designed with three-point mounts, with two of them height adjustable and lockable with a range of 20 mm. The height adjustment gives precision in maintaining horizontal axis of the bench. The mount bases are rubber padded to avoid sliding of optical bench on the lab
  • Anti-rotation square holders on the uprights (Patent Pending) – The optical bench uprights are designed with square holders and square shafts for holding accessories. One of the major needs in optical experiments is to maintain alignment of accessories. More often, the accessory holder is susceptible to rotation. Square shafts ensure anti rotation of the accessories and makes experimenting hassle free. It also avoids any kind of lateral
    bend or movement of the accessories.
  • All parts are scratch resistant and movement of uprights on the rail is seamless.
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0.8m Rail x1, Mounts x2, Uprights x4, 0.4m Rail x1, Mounts x2, Uprights x4