Measuring Cylinder with Stoppers, Class B

  • Calibrated at 20°C.
  • Complies with Class ‘A’ DIN/ISO 4788 standard.
  • Graduations in Amber enamel.

Available Options

Cat. No.StopperCapacity, mlTolerance, ±mlSub Div., mlStopper SizePack SizeQuantity 
10.505.0005Hex Base and PP Stopper50.10.110/192
10.505.0010Hex Base and PP Stopper100.20.210/192
10.505.0025Hex Base and PP Stopper250.50.514/232
10.505.0050Hex Base and PP Stopper501114/232
10.505.0100Hex Base and PP Stopper1001119/262
10.505.0250Hex Base and PP Stopper2502224/292
10.505.0500Hex Base and PP Stopper5005524/292
10.505.1000Hex Base and PP Stopper1000101029/321
10.505.2000Hex Base and PP Stopper2000202034/351
10.507.0005Hex Base and Glass Stopper50.10.110/192
10.507.0010Hex Base and Glass Stopper100.20.210/192
10.507.0025Hex Base and Glass Stopper250.50.514/232
10.507.0050Hex Base and Glass Stopper501114/232
10.507.0100Hex Base and Glass Stopper1001119/262
10.507.0250Hex Base and Glass Stopper2502224/292
10.507.0500Hex Base and Glass Stopper5005524/292
10.507.1000Hex Base and Glass Stopper1000101029/321
10.507.2000Hex Base and Glass Stopper2000202034/351
10.503.0005Round Base PP Stopper50.10.110/192
10.503.0010Round Base PP Stopper100.20.210/192
10.503.0025Round Base PP Stopper250.50.514/232
10.503.0050Round Base PP Stopper501114/232
10.503.0100Round Base PP Stopper1001119/262
10.503.0250Round Base PP Stopper2502224/292
10.503.0500Round Base PP Stopper5005524/292
10.503.1000Round Base PP Stopper1000101029/322
10.503.2000Round Base PP Stopper2000202034/351
10.506.0005Round Base Glass Stopper50.10.110/192
10.506.0010Round Base Glass Stopper100.20.210/192
10.506.0025Round Base Glass Stopper250.50.514/232
10.506.0050Round Base Glass Stopper501114/232
10.506.0100Round Base Glass Stopper1001119/262
10.506.0250Round Base Glass Stopper2502224/292
10.506.0500Round Base Glass Stopper5005524/292
10.506.1000Round Base Glass Stopper1000101029/322
10.506.2000Round Base Glass Stopper2000202034/351