Rack for MCT PC

  • Easy to hold ergonomic design.
  • Each hole has moulded in numbers and letters for easy sample identification.
  • Racks are stackable when empty or full.
  • Compatible with both 1.5 ml and 2.0 ml microcentrifuge tube.
  • Easy removal and insertion of tubes.
  • Can be used in wide temperature range.
  • Can be autoclaved.

Available Options

Cat. No.Tube Capacity, mlPlacesArrayColorQuantity 
CAC10254/11.5 and 2.0246 x 4White
CAC10254/21.5 and 2.0246 x 4Yellow
CAC10254/31.5 and 2.04812 x 4White
CAC10254/41.5 and 2.04812 x 4Yellow