Master of Sparks

What will you be learning?

  • Identify, construct and understand functions of components of electric circuits.
  • Understanding the role of switches in a circuits.
  • Classification of objects as conductors and insulators.
  • Understanding the role of battery in a circuit.
  • Classification of materials into magnetic and non-magnetic materials.
  • Understanding magnetic poles, repulsion and attraction.
  • Understanding the process of electrolysis of water.
  • Understanding function of a magnetic compass.
  • Building your own magnet.
  • Understanding magnetic effect of electric current.
  • Understanding the heating effect of electric current.
  • Understanding the need and use of fuse.
  • Understanding dissociation of salt in water.
  • Understanding Electroplating.
  • Making your own magnetic Slime.
  • Making your own motor.
  • Build your own lemon battery.
  • Suitable for kids between Age of 7-15 Years.
  • D.I.Y. Kits to provide Early Hands-on experience.
  • An extensive Instruction Manual is provided with the kit.