Malus Law Experiment


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  • To experimentally verify malus’s law.

Light, when modeled as a wave phenomenon, can be classified as a transverse electromagnetic wave consisting of oscillating electric and magnetic fields that are oriented perpendicular to each other. Depending on the orientation of the plane of polarization of the electric field with respect to the direction of propagation of the wave, the wave can be classified as polarized or un-polarized. To measure the variation of transmission of an EM wave through two polarizers as a function of the angle of orientation between them and prove Malus’s Law.


  • Precise Optical Alignment: The optical alignment of the components is attained by the optical bench, the set-up time is faster and experimentation is easy.
  • Easy Analyzer Movement: The design of the analyzer helps for easier rotation without disturbing the optical alignment. The least count of 1° aid for more accurate readings.
  • Digital Lux Meter: A digital lux meter enables the measurement of light intensity for each rotation of the analyzer. The least count of 1 Lux provides accurate readings.


  • OB2 Optical Bench Set 0.4m 1
  • HA001 Light Source Holder 1
  • HA004 Polarizer Holder 1
  • HA006 Analyzer Holder 1
  • HA510 Light Sensor Holder 1
  • PH61022D/2 Power Supply for Light Source 1
  • DP1 Data Processor 1

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In Stock