Laboratory Jack

These highly stable laboratory jacks can hold a variety of glassware and other lab equipment with ease. They are durable and equipped with an ergonomic knob to provide smooth height adjustment.


Available Options

Cat. No.MaterialPlate sizeMax. HeightDynamic Load (kg)Static Load (kg)Quantity 
CH12385B/1Mild Steel4.5” x 6”11” (28cm)210
CH12385B/2Mild Steel6” x 6”11” (28cm)420
CH12385B/3Mild Steel8” x 8”11” (28cm)730
CH12385C/1Stainless Steel4.5” x 6”11” (28cm)210
CH12385C/2Stainless Steel6” x 6”11” (28cm)420
CH12385C/3Stainless Steel8” x 8”11” (28cm)730
CH12385D/1Aluminium4.5” x 6”11” (28cm)210
CH12385D/2Aluminium6” x 6”11” (28cm)420
CH12385D/3Aluminium8” x 8”11” (28cm)730