Laboratory Jack

These highly stable laboratory jacks can hold a variety of glassware and other lab equipment with ease. They are durable and equipped with an ergonomic knob to provide smooth height adjustment.


Available Options

Cat. No.MaterialPlate sizeMax. HeightQuantity 
CH12385B/1Mild Steel4.5” x 6”10"(254mm)
CH12385B/2Mild Steel6” x 6”10"(254mm)
CH12385B/3Mild Steel8” x 8”11” (280mm)
CH12385B/4Mild Steel10" x 10"17"(420mm)
CH12385B/5Mild Steel12" x 12"20"(520mm)
CH12385C/1Stainless Steel4.5” x 6”10"(254mm)
CH12385C/2Stainless Steel6” x 6”10"(254mm)
CH12385C/3Stainless Steel8” x 8”11” (280mm)
CH12385C/4Stainless Steel10" x 10"17"(420mm)
CH12385C/5Stainless Steel12" x 12"20"(520mm)
CH12385D/1Aluminium4.5” x 6”10"(254mm)
CH12385D/2Aluminium6” x 6”10"(254mm)
CH12385D/3Aluminium8” x 8”11” (280mm)
CH12385D/4Aluminium10" x 10"17"(420mm)
CH12385D/5Aluminium12" x 12"20"(520mm)