Consists of a permanent block of crystal clear acrylic resin containing a plant specimen. The mounts are permanent and permit object viewing from all six sides. These can be readily and safely handled by students and can be easily stored and displayed.


Available Options

Cat. No.DescriptionQuantity 
B16771Ephedra male & female twig
B16772Gnetum male & female twig
B16773Pinus male & female cone
B16774Cycas micro & mega sporophyll
B16775Cycas L.H. micro and mega sporophyll Leaves and Coralloid Root.
B16776Cycas young plant
B16777Ginkgo twig with leaves
B16778Ginkgo male & female twig
B16779Zamia female cone L.S.
B16781Collection of gymnosperm, Set of 3