General Science Charts

Polyart Charts are multicolored, accurate in details, printed on plastic, laminated on both sides, washable, non-tearable and long-lasting, with plastic rollers, size 75 x 100 cm.

(1) Insects
(2) Reproduction of Plants (Part 1) Seed parts, Germination & Pollination
(3) Reproduction of Plants (Part II) Mendel’s Law, supply of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen.
(4) The Bird, Food, Beaks and Jaws
(5) Plants and their parts (Part I) Flower
(6) Plants and their parts (Part II) Root & Stem
(7) Types of Animals (Part-1) Paramecium, Amoeba, Hydra, Worm, Crayfish, Spider
(8) Types of Animals (Part -II) Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals
(9) Foods and their uses Part-I
(10) Foods and their uses Part -II
(11) Plant Diseases and their control
(12) Animal Diseases and their control
(13) Human Body – all parts
(14) Germination of Seeds
(15) Classification of Plants
(16) Classification of Animals
(17) Oxygen Cycle
(18) Carbon Cycle
(19) Nitrogen Cycle